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11th July 2018

The Truth About Once a Day Sunscreens

Many brands in the UK have started to market “once a day” sunscreens when in reality no such thing can exist. Something Which? Found out when they did a trial1.

Claims of once-a-day sunscreens are not allowed in Australia, where there are stricter regulations and lower melanoma rates. In fact, anything that leads a consumer to believe that a sunscreen doesn’t need to be frequently reapplied is strictly prohibited. The British Association of Dermatologists advised that extended-wear sunscreens should be used in the same way as conventional products – in other words, they should be regularly re-applied.

One reason why sunscreens shouldn’t be marketed as once-a-day is that while a sunscreen may have a high SPF the surface of your skin is subject to a lot throughout the day which will affect the integrity of the protection; these things can often include swimming, exercising, perspiring and toweling dry. If you work outside or do a lot of outdoor sports, it is important to choose a sunscreen that is designed for your lifestyle. Choose a sunscreen that has been specially formulated to resist sweat – and sand if you do a lot of beach sports. Water resistance is also an important feature if you are likely to be exposed to water.

We would always recommend reapplying SunSense sunscreen every 2 as directed and especially after swimming, exercising, perspiring and toweling dry. SunSense Sport range is an example of the type of sunscreen you should invest in if you work or exercise outdoors. It has been formulated specifically to meet the requirements of people who work hard in the sun, providing you with reliable protection that is easy to apply wherever you are.



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