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14th May 2018

The Summer of LUV and Understanding

What does LUV really mean? The word is about to take on a new meaning and sunscreen brand, SunSense, is ready to shout it from the rooftops, as skin cancer rates continue to soar in the UK.

The Facts

  •  Skin cancer is set to cost the NHS £180m by 2020 [1]
  • UK deaths from melanoma have increased by 156% since the early 1970s [2]
  • Overexposure to UV light from the sun / sunbeds are the main cause of skin cancer [3]
  • Regular sunscreen may help to prevent melanoma [4]

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is a known carcinogen and as a proven cause of cancer, SunSense believes that it’s time to change the meaning of the word LUV to help educate the nation. This summer, SunSense will set out to spread the word of LUV and show people how a little ‘Less Ultra Violet’ will help to keep their skin protected.

The first phase of the campaign will begin at This Morning LIVE on 17th – 20th May, where SunSense will be asking visitors to step under a special UV camera. The camera will reveal any sun damage that is invisible to the human eye, as well as showing how sunscreen helps to block harmful UV rays.

SunSense will continue to educate the British public throughout the summer, explaining, for example that there is no such thing as:

  • A once-a-day sunscreen
  • A waterproof sunscreen
  • Sunblock
  • Sweatproof sunscreen

The brand will also look to tell people what is good and bad about the sun, reassuring people that wearing sunscreen won’t result in vitamin D deficiency, as well as detailing how best to protect their skin from UV rays with tips on how to apply sunscreen:

  • Apply 20 minutes before exposure
  • Use over ½ teaspoon on arms, face / neck
  • Use over 1 teaspoon on legs, front and back of body
  • Apply every 2 hours, especially after swimming, exercising, sweating and towelling dry

SunSense will also reach out to healthcare professionals to arm them with the tools and resources they need to educate patients on sun protection, hosting Sun Awareness events and attending specialist exhibitions.

Made and tested in Australia, SunSense sunscreens provide the highest SPF available and offer both UVA and UVB protection. Now with over ten specially developed products available in the UK, there’s something for all ages and skin types, including sensitive skin and the delicate skin of young children.

SunSense is available on prescription in the UK or can be bought from independent pharmacies, John Lewis, Waitrose, Ocado, The Suncare Shop and Amazon. It can also be purchased online at


For more information on the range, please visit,  contact or head to the social pages @SunSenseUK for news, updates and advice.

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