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23rd July 2020

The History of Ego, the owners of SunSense

How much do you know about the history of SunSense and Ego Pharmaceuticals?

Ego was founded when a young chemist, Gerald Oppenheim, and his wife, Rae, a nurse, saw a need for products to restore and maintain healthy skin. In the laundry of their Melbourne home they developed Ego Pine Tar Bath Solution, later called Pinetarsol, which remains one of Australia’s most widely used inflammation treatments. Since that point Ego has continued to research and develop products to care for and meet the skin needs of all people.

Gerald Oppenheim passed away in 1995 leaving his legacy, Ego, to the family. His sons, Alan Oppenheim the Managing Director, and David Oppenheim both sit on the Board of Directors. As does Dr Jane Oppenheim, Alan’s wife, who is the Scientific and Operations Director.

Proudly Australian-owned, Ego Pharmaceuticals has led the way in the development, manufacture and marketing of innovative skincare products for 60 years. Ego is the specialist in skincare, backed by science. We make our products in Australia for the people of the world. We provide consistently high quality products, underpinned by heritage and integrity.

From its inception as a family business in 1953, Ego has grown to become a world leader, producing a comprehensive skin and health care range for sale in Australia and around the world. Our reputation is built on consistently delivering effective, high-quality and innovative products to meet a diverse range of needs, and we are committed to creating the best possible skin therapies for our customers.

Fast forward to 2020 and Ego, now Australia’s largest privately-owned dermatological skincare company, has announced the establishment of a dedicated UK headquarters. The establishment of a 1,800 sq ft UK headquarters sees Ego reassume control of its UK business in order to establish its own foothold in the British marketplace. A marked increase in its commitment to the country, the move by Ego follows more than 20 years supplying its SunSense and QV products to the country via a distributor partner.


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