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29th November 2017

Swapping the Christmas tree for a palm tree?

Getting away for a bit of winter sun? Follow our 4 step guide to enjoying festive fun in the sun.

You wouldn’t burn the turkey, so don’t burn your skin!
It’s essential to wear a high factor sunscreen and reapply regularly, we recommend our SunSense Ultra which is great for the whole family. Apply liberally to clean, dry skin at least 15 minutes prior to sun exposure and make sure you reapply every 2-4 hours and after swimming, exercise and towel dry. To help parents apply sunscreen and make the experience a little different for the kids, we recommend our SunSense Kids SPF50+ sunscreen which comes in a handy roll-on, perfect for kids who can’t sit still!

Remember that Santa can still visit even if you’re on holiday!
For children the magic of Christmas is often brought by the mystery of Santa Claus, but just because you’re not at home doesn’t mean that Santa can’t visit! Keep up traditional Christmas themes by adding a holiday twist… instead of a sherry and a mince pie maybe Santa could be left a treat that is local to the destination you’re holidaying in!

Appreciate your surroundings
If it’s your first Christmas abroad home sickness can occur, but don’t let this spoil your time away. Take advantage of spending time at the beach or having a day in the pool. It may not be a traditional ‘white Christmas’ but it will certainly be a Xmas you will remember!

Don’t forget to wish those at home a Merry Christmas!
Video call is your best friend! Don’t forget to call home to wish them a happy Christmas, but also to share the scenic view that you’re experiencing. We can be sure that whilst the folks at home have their Christmas sweaters and heating on they will be jealous of you enjoying the day in paradise!

If you’re jetting away this Christmas don’t forget to tag us in your holiday snaps @SunSenseUK



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