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12th June 2013

Survey reveals shocking stats on parents’ confusion around sun protection

A total of 57% of parents we surveyed, said they only ever apply sunscreen to their children if it’s a hot day.

A further 32% said they didn’t think sun protection was necessary in this country at all as there isn’t enough sunny weather.

Parents also admitted they still don’t understand Sun Protection Factor (SPF) labelling, with many thinking that the higher the SPF rating the longer they can stay in the sun and the less often they need to reapply.

These were the shocking findings of our survey, which we carried out as part of our UK-wide Sun Sensible schools campaign to help educate children and parents on the facts about sun protection.

Our campaign provided primary schools and nurseries with educational activity packs designed to teach them how to protect themselves so that they can start taking responsibility for their own skin and share their knowledge with the whole family.

The campaign launched with a competition for school pupils to design a T-shirt to promote sun safety messages. Schools that entered had the chance to win outdoor shade areas for pupils.

We’ll be running our Sun Sensible campaign again in 2014 so keep your eyes peeled for a chance to enter and win some great prizes!


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