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9th May 2017

SunSense Dying For A Tan 2016: On The Road With Actress Terri Dwyer

We set out to launch this year’s SunSense Dying for a Tan tour

As we set out to launch this year’s SunSense Dying for a Tan tour with Terri Dwyer and Melanoma UK, we’ve been speaking to the public to unveil Britain’s tanning habits and ask the question: ‘Is a tan really worth dying for?’

  • 7% are serial tanners and 43% admit to tanning on holiday and special occasions.
  • 40% of children have been burnt by the sun.
  • Just 11% use sunscreen on a regular basis and 47% will only apply it on holiday.
  • 60% of parents use SPF 50/50+ on their children, but most use SPF 25 or less on themselves.

Last year we set out with our trusty ultraviolet camera to make people rethink their tanning habits and 70% of those brave enough to step under it said they would think twice before exposing their skin to UV rays again.

We were extremely proud of what the SunSense Dying for a Tan campaign achieved last year, but these latest results show that there is still a lot of work to be done. We believe if we are consistent with the message, we will see a difference to people’s health, which is why we’re bringing the SunSense Dying for a Tan tour back – bigger and better than before.

Former Hollyoaks and Loose Women star, Terri Dwyer, and skin cancer charity, Melanoma UK. are joining us this year to help spread the SunSense message even wider and educate even more people about the dangers of tanning.

To mark the campaign launch, we have released a powerful video that highlights the reality of skin cancer and the damage that the sun can do.

Told by doctors that her skin cancer was most likely caused by over-exposure to the sun and tanning beds, Terri Dwyer is now working with SunSense and Melanoma UK to educate people about the dangers of tanning and reduce the number of lives lost to skin cancer in the UK.

Terri comments: “The results of the survey commissioned by SunSense are concerning. One of the things that really struck me, was that 60% of parents use SPF 50/50+ on their children, but most will only use SPF 25 or less on themselves. It’s something I was guilty of doing before my diagnosis, but I have learnt the hard way how important it is to protect myself as much as I protect my children.

“It was also extremely upsetting to see that 40% of children have been burnt by the sun. Their parents said that the sun had been much stronger than they thought, or that it had happened on a cloudy day in the UK, but nevertheless it highlights just how much we underestimate the sun here. I now wear sunscreen everyday, whether I’m in the UK or on holiday.”

We’re asking you to put yourself back in the picture. Literally, by stepping under our ultraviolet camera to reveal any hidden sun damage to your skin, and encourage you to make a positive change to your health before it’s too late.

Remember, ‘a tan is not a good sign of health’ and you are putting yourself at risk of skin cancer if you don’t protect your skin, even if you only choose to tan on holidays or special occasions.

Our advice is to combine sunscreen that offers SPF 50 or 50+ broad-spectrum protection with sun-protective clothing, a hat that protects the face, head, neck and ears, shade and sunglasses, whether in the UK or abroad.

The SunSense Dying for a Tan tour will be at the following locations across the UK in the coming months:

  • 21st May – St Ann’s Square, Manchester
  • 4th June – Bournemouth Sea Front, Bournemouth
  • 2nd July – The High Street, Birmingham
  • 6th August – Fistral Beach, Newquay

To keep up to date with the tour and to find your UV photo please follow @SunSenseUK on Twitter or head over to our Facebook page for all of our summer updates!


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