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13th March 2018

Sun Safety tips for running outdoors

As the beast from the east becomes a memory and spring dawns, running becomes a much more fun affair!

Marathon season is upon us and for many of you, training is well underway for the big day. Here are our top five training tips to help you stay safe in the sun and pass the finish line…

Plan carefully

Body temperatures can rise to dangerous levels if you are overexposed to sunlight, so schedule your outdoor training for when the sun is less intense and stay in the shade where possible to keep your body temperature in a safe range.

Protect your skin

UV rays are present at all times of the day, so it’s important to apply a sunscreen 15 minutes before you begin training outside. Our SunSense Sport range is perfect for those running a marathon, it’s SPF 50 and water resistant meaning that your skin stays protected even if the weather changes and our SunSense Sport Mist comes in a handy spray bottle.

Don’t let the sun catch you out, if you’re able to carry sunscreen on you whilst you run then reapply every two to four hours.

Stay hydrated

It’s important to keep drinking and stay hydrated whilst you run, if you become dehydrated then less oxygen is delivered to your working muscles. You could end up running slower and you may feel light headed, so make sure you keep on top of fluids.

Dress right

Make sure you are wearing suitable clothing, running in nylon running clothes will help your skin breath and materials with UV protection will protect your skin from the sun’s dangerous rays. Fabrics such as nylon are lightweight and they will help to prevent skin irritation. It’s also important to protect your eyes and scalp from the sun, so wearing sunglasses and a cap or hat is also recommended.

Have fun!

Although it’s going to be hard you need to make sure you enjoy the experience because running a marathon is a huge achievement and it’s something that you will have put a lot of time and energy into! Join the conversation and share your training pics with us @SunSenseUK


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