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28th August 2018

Packing the holiday essentials

We’ve just launched some holiday essentials to save you both time and money when it comes sun protection.

Ski Bundle

Our Ski Bundle includes SunSense Daily Face, Lip Balm and an Ultra roll on as well as a QV moisturizing cream. Each item is under the carry-on limit of 100ml and the bundle has a net saving of 25%. This is perfect for Ski trip where you need to keep your face hydrated to protect from the wintery sun.

Carry on Bundle

For those visiting more temperate pastures our carry-on bundle is perfect and save you 25% too. Again, all the items are less than the 100ml limit for carryon items and includes; 2 SunSense Ultra Roll-ons, 1 Lip balm and a SunSense Daily Face 75ml.

Family Bundle

Finally, our biggest bundle, with the biggest saving, a whopping 30% off is the perfect bundle for a family holiday.

This bundle will save you the hassle of either buying at the airport or going to the high street as delivery is free for all orders over £30.

Visit to see all our bundle deals.

If you’re planning a winter get away to warmer pastures ensure you stay safe in the sun and follow our advice of;

  • Covering up – always pack glasses, hats and t-shirts to cover up.
  • Staying Shady – Stay in the shade where possible
  • Stay Hydrated – Keep water with you
  • Cream up – Cover all exposed skin with SunSense SPF 50+ product.

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