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25th May 2018


SUNSENSE ULTRA SPF 50+ has been reformulated and is now available in the UK.

SUNSENSE ULTRA SPF 50+ has been reformulated and is now available in the UK. Offering:

  • Easier application
  • Lighter feel
  • Maintains important ingredients, including Niacinamide

SunSense Ultra SPF 50+ is the most popular product in the UK range[1] and a commitment to science and innovation has led to the development of a new formulation to make it even lighter and easier to apply than before.

The new formulation has been designed to achieve better coverage and make reapplication more enjoyable, whilst retaining important ingredients, such as Niacinamide (vitamin B3), which can help to:

  • Maintain normal skin barrier function[2]
  • Reduces sensitivity to stinging[3]
  • Moisturise dry skin[4]
  • Improve the appearance of skin tone and texture[5]

The new formulation of SunSense Ultra is available to buy in the UK and comes in either a handy 50ml roll-on (£9.28), 125ml bottle (£14.96) and also a 500ml pump (£33.01).

SunSense is also available on prescription in the UK or can be bought from independent pharmacies, John Lewis, Waitrose, Ocado and Amazon.

Always use the label and use only as directed.

If you are trying the new SunSense Ultra range for the first time and have sensitive skin please contact

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