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12th May 2020

How to avoid sun damage and be sun safe

In the UK we all love to soak up the summer sun. Research has also linked sun exposure to happiness and improved mood, so it’s all the more important for us to get out into the great outdoors.(1) Yet, we shouldn’t ignore the potential harm that sun damage can bring to our skin and the potential risk of skin cancers from too much sun exposure.


7th May 2020

Keep Shining with SunSense

Looking after our families has never been more important and that’s why we’re launching our ‘Keep Shining’ campaign - to lift and celebrate all of the amazing mums and dads across the nation doing all they can to make their children smile at this scary time.

29th April 2020

UK Drug Tariff changes

Recently, the Drug Tariff was updated with regard to sunscreens to better clarify and expand the conditions that are eligible.

21st April 2020

Find Sunshine in Dark Times

These are extraordinary times and we all need to find things to take our minds off the news, especially if we are feeling particularly anxious.

15th January 2020

The skincare routine you need to follow; for every age group!

10th January 2020

My Skin Cancer Diagnosis and Struggles with Anxiety

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