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13th November 2016

It’s the end of the summer, but don’t ditch the sunscreen

The evenings might be getting darker and summer has drawn to a close, but it doesn’t mean it’s time to put away the sunscreen.

The aim of this year’s SunSense Dying for a Tan campaign was to continue to educate people on the risk of UV radiation and the damage it can do to our skin, but also to make everyone aware that UV damage doesn’t just happen in summer but all year round!

Our most recent survey showed that 81% of people only put sunscreen on themselves or their child when it’s sunny outside. But the reality is that whenever the sun is out, whether masked by clouds or on a cool winter day, it can still cause damage to your skin.

What’s more, not many people know that UVA rays are present all year round and can penetrate glass and clouds. Studies have also shown that UVA is a cause of premature ageing and that damage from these harmful rays can increase the development of skin cancer.

To help you keep up with your protection routine all year round, we’ve come up with some helpful tips:

  • Introduce an SPF to your morning routine – Using a facial sunscreen, like SunSense Daily Face, as part of your daily routine can keep your face protected in winter when everything else is covered up.
  • Always keep some sunscreen with you – As the sun can appear at any time, keeping sunscreen in your bag means you will be ready to top up your protection. The SunSense Ultra and SunSense Kids roll on are really handy to have in handbags and schoolbags.
  • Stay protected indoors – UV rays are very powerful they can pierce through clouds but also windows! Make sure to keep your sunscreen on when sat near windows or driving in a car, as the UV rays can still reach you.

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