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2nd May 2014

Glowing skin comes at a healthy cost

What would you do with a spare £15,000? Perhaps go on a luxury holiday or buy a designer wardrobe?

You may be shocked to hear that in a recent survey we discovered that the average woman in the UK spends a staggering £15,000 on skincare in a lifetime! Opting for anti-ageing creams over sunscreens, women are spending thousands of pounds on products that claim to turn back the signs of ageing. In fact, in a lifetime they use over 3,000 pots of the stuff – that’s a lot of cream!

With the help of international beauty expert Sarah Jagger, we’re encouraging prevention over treatment to tackle sun damage and premature ageing. We advise using an SPF on a daily basis to help protect against sunburn, sun damage, premature ageing and in the process save you thousands of pounds.

The SunSense range offers all the sun protection your skin needs with minimal effort required.

Sarah commented: “The subtle tint in Daily Face is just enough to even out the skin tone without the need for a heavy makeup base. It’s so understated (that even men can use it) I like to use daily face instead of a primer and foundation because it’s oil free and dries to a matte finish so it’s great for anyone who finds other sunscreens too shiny or greasy.”

Sarah added: “Sunsense Anti-ageing Matt formula is terrific for minimising shiny complexions. When I want to create a velvety-matt finish I layer Anti-ageing Matt formula under an oil-free foundation.”

So, the next time you head to the beauty counter remember that there is no better way to fight wrinkles than by wearing a daily SPF – not to mention all the extra holidays you can go on with the money you save!


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