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29th April 2013

Celebrity doctor supports SunSense campaign

As a skin cancer sufferer himself, Dr. Chris Steele teamed up with us to help spread important messages about sun protection.

The TV doctor revealed how he has suffered four skin cancers as a result of over exposure to the sun and why he now wants to make parents aware of the dangers.

Dr Chris said: “Sun protection is a serious matter and parents need to understand the facts so they can protect their family from the risks of sun damage.

“My skin cancers are purely the result of over exposure to the sun and sun beds many years ago, before we knew the dangers of UV exposure. As a doctor, it’s awful to remember how we readily left our skin vulnerable to sun damage.

“What many people still don’t realise is that the majority of sun damage occurs before the age of 21 and suffering sun burn as a child or teenager greatly increases the risk of skin cancer in later years.

“Another common misconception is that sunscreen doesn’t need to be applied on cloudy days. The reality is that cloudy days can often bring more risk as children will stay out longer when the sun isn’t as hot, meaning the damage caused can be more intense.


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