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18th July 2018

What’s the difference between Australian and European Sunscreens?

At SunSense UK we’re proud of our Australian heritage and believe it makes SunSense stand out as first-class sunscreen. This is due to the increased awareness of sun damage in Australia compared to Europe. In fact, in 2014, UK deaths due to melanomas was higher than Australia’s and was actually the highest in the world.12


13th July 2018

LUV sport? LUV your skin!

It’s the height of summer and sporting events across the country are in full swing. With the recent excitement of Wimbledon and the World Cup already gripping the nation, it’s shaping up to be a great summer of sport with plenty more to come.

18th June 2018

Share the word of LUV this summer

As we dive into summer, whilst juggling entertaining the kids, packing for holidays and predicting the British weather, it’s important to remember to give your skin LUV (Less Ultra Violet).

14th June 2018

Don’t let your sensitive skin get in the way of your sun protection

At SunSense we know how tricky it can be for those with sensitive skin to find a suitable sunscreen that doesn’t cause irritation.

20th April 2018

A guide to sun protection for tattooed skin

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