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23rd July 2019

Skin cancer rates have soared by 45% in ten years

Figures released by Cancer Research UK show a drastic 45% rise in skin cancer rates in both young and old patients in the past ten years[1].


7th May 2019

Why are SunSense sunscreens so popular in Australia?

SunSense was developed in 1988 and our products are still made in Australia with Australian conditions in mind.

18th April 2019

☀️ Introducing #ExpertCareFromTheSunAware to the UK ☀️

If you’re a fan of our products, then you may already be familiar with our Australian heritage and know that SunSense has been developed there by trusted scientists for over 30 years 🇦🇺

11th March 2019

Healthcare Science Week: A history of SunSense

Did you know that Healthcare Science Week is this week? This is an annual opportunity to highlight the incredible work of our healthcare science professionals and the impact they have on people’s lives.

29th October 2018

Living with Lupus

28th August 2018

Packing the holiday essentials

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