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19th June 2019

Are Brits Ignoring Skin Cancer Warnings?

A national campaign ‘Expert Care From the Sun Aware’ has been launched in the UK by the iconic Australian sunscreen brand, SunSense, due to concerns that Brits aren’t heeding the warning about skin cancer.

  • Melanoma skin cancer now kills more Brits than Australians[1],[2]
  • 60% damaged their skin in the UK sun last year[3]
  • 70% only wear sunscreen on holiday or sunny days
  • When the UV index is 3 or more, the sun is strong enough to cause sunburn[4]
  • The average UV index is above 4 in London from April to September[5]


The campaign has already gained the support of leading skin cancer charity, Melanoma UK and as part of the campaign, well known faces, including Charlotte White and What The Redhead Said have made a pledge to wear sunscreen everyday and now they’re urging the rest of the UK to join them in an effort to help reduce skin cancer rates here.


Whilst the majority of people in the UK know they need to protect themselves from the sun when they’re heading to the beach, many are forgetting about the incidental sun damage that occurs during everyday activities.


Alan Oppenheim, Managing Director at SunSense, comments: “86% of melanoma skin cancer cases in the UK are preventable[6] and you can help reduce your chances of developing the disease by regularly using a high SPF 50+ sunscreen.


“We strongly recommend using sunscreen daily throughout the whole year and minimising skin exposure to the sun by covering up and seeking shade.”


The #SunSensePledge aims to encourage the UK to follow in Australia’s footsteps, where for many, sun safety is a part of everyday life and over 30 years of campaigning has led to a reduction in melanoma rates.[7]


Throughout the year, SunSense will be working closely with health professionals, organisations and charities in the UK to continue to encourage people to make a change now and use sunscreen daily to help prevent skin cancer later in life.


With one of the highest melanoma skin cancer rates in the world[8], Australia has become a global leader in skin cancer research, prevention, detection and treatment, and Australians are understandably serious about protecting themselves and their families from the sun’s harmful UV rays.


The message from SunSense, which has been developed and manufactured by scientists in Australia for over 30 years and offers the highest labelled UV sun protection, is clear: Every change we do today to reduce UV getting to our skin will reduce the risk of sun damage later in life. It is never too late to reduce sun exposure.


Make your pledge today:



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