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15th August 2019

A guide to the perfect summer picnic

Summer holidays are some of the most treasured memories as children. Family trips out are a cornerstone of the British summertime, none-more so that the humble picnic. That’s why we’ve come up with our top tips for an enjoyable picnic this summer.

Pick the best spot

It goes without saying that a picnic can only be as good as its location. Our top tip is to find a spot with the perfect combination of beautiful surroundings and shade. Staying shady will keep you cool and help to protect your skin from the sun. Even though British weather can be unpredictable at best, one fact to be aware of is this; 80% of UV can penetrate cloud cover.1 So when you find somewhere to place your picnic blanket remember, opting for a little bit of shade will make a huge difference.

Don’t neglect the drinks

When people think of a good picnic, they always envisage the food first. Don’t let that distract you from packing the drinks. Staying hydrated, especially in the summer sun is vital, so make sure you take enough water for all the family.

Stay sun safe

It might sound over protective but ensuring the family is sun safe is paramount. Remember, people with light skin are most at risk of skin damage from the sun,2 and it’s important to avoid damage happening from an early age. After all, damage to the DNA in skin cells from ultraviolet light can happen years before cancer develops.2 Applying sunscreen at home at least 20 minutes before heading outside will help protect their vulnerable skin from potentially harmful UV rays. Follow this up by re-applying throughout the day,[3] at least every two hours and after swimming, sweating or towelling dry. SunSense Kids comes in a handy, child-friendly roll-on which is perfect to pop into a picnic bag and is easy to apply when topping up. For adults, we recommend wearing our SunSense Ultra Range. Both ranges offer SPF50+ Broad spectrum protection.


Last but by no means least, a picnic is often best remembered for the quality of the food. Whether your family like traditional sandwiches and crisps or more contemporary choices like hummus and olives our advice would be to pack plenty! Our top 5 choices from the SunSense UK team are

  1. Sandwiches – easy to make, carry and store.
  2. Fresh Fruit – Refreshing and healthy
  3. Dips and sticks – perfect snacking as you play
  4. Crisps – just make sure you can all decide on a flavour!
  5. Some change for the ice cream man!

Do you have any further tips for the perfect summer picnic? Share your tips on our Facebook page.


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