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11th April 2019

A guide to family sun protection this Easter.

It’s the beginning of the summer season which means less rainy weekends and more time spent and the park.

When we head outside as a family it’s important to help protect everyone’s skin from sun damage. Even though British weather can be unpredictable, one fact to be aware of is this; 80% of UV can penetrate cloud cover.[1]


Children with light skin are most at risk of skin damage from the sun,[2] therefore it’s vital to help avoid damage happening from an early age. After all, damage to the DNA in skin cells from ultraviolet light can happen years before cancer develops.[3]


With that being said, applying sunscreen at home at least 20 minutes before heading outside will help protect their vulnerable skin from potentially harmful UV rays – although it’s important to re-apply throughout the day,[4] at least every two hours.  Applying before going outside is essential for protection, you wouldn’t wait to get wet before you put up the umbrella! SunSense Kids comes in a handy, child-friendly roll-on which is perfect to pop into a picnic bag and is easy to apply – ideal for encouraging children to take their sun protection seriously. For adults, we recommend wearing our SunSense Ultra Range. Both ranges offer SPF50+ Broad spectrum protection.


When it comes to applying sunscreen; follow the  teaspoon rule, apply more than ½ teaspoon (around 3ml) to each arm and face/neck (guidance based on an average sized adult).(5) Apply more than 1 teaspoon (around 6ml) to each leg, front and back of body (guidance based on an average sized adult).(5)


Furthermore, clothing is and accessories are key to protecting both yourself and your children.  A sunhat is a great way to help protect the whole face and head, while loose-fitting clothes with a close weave will protect the body. Sunglasses are also important for eye protection – they should state that they block out 100% of UVA and UVB rays for maximum protection.

Do you have any further tips for staying protected in the sun? Share your tips on our facebook page.

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