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Our Products

Thanks to SunSense, even those at higher risk of skin damage can enjoy the sun.

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Sun Fact! Up to 80% of UV can penetrate light cloud cover on cloudy days.

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Top Selling Products

Top Selling Products, providing high SPF protection

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It is so important to protect your face against the sun's UV rays. To find out more about the effects follow this link to our insightful article. #ExpertCarefortheSunAware

Check out our brand new blog post! Protecting the lips from sun damage 👄

SunSense Daily Face SPF50+ is ideal for all year round protection, for everyday use on the face and neck and chest. Here's why it's so important to protect your face against the sun's UV radiation. ...

Why do we always use the term sunscreen? Take a read of 'shedding light on sunscreen terms' to find out. #ExpertCareForTheSunAware

Are you fully covered? Don't forget to protect those commonly missed areas such as your ears and lips! SunSense Daily Face SPF50+ and SunSense Lip Balm SPF50+ are the perfect combo to help you stay protected against the sun. #ExpertCareForTheSunAware

Did you know? In 1988, Ego Pharmaceuticals demonstrated innovation within the market by developing the world’s first cosmetically acceptable sunscreen, which offered broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection by using physical protection blockers and UV absorbers. #ThrowbackThursday #ExpertCareForTheSunAware ...

Our SunSense Anti-ageing Face SPF50+ combines the anti-ageing benefits of lactic acid with SPF 50+ broad spectrum protection to leave skin feeling fresh and youthful. #ExpertCareForTheSunAware

Your lips need protecting from the sun as well as the rest of your skin! SunSense Lip Balm SPF50+ helps protect, soothe and moisturise dry, chapped lips in all seasons.

Have you got your SunSense Daily Face SPF50+ on? It helps to protect and moisturise with Vitamin B3 #ExpertCareForTheSunAware

Need something fun to do? Download our Backyard Bingo sheet! Don't forget to put your sunscreen on while playing!

Share your photos with us! We'd love to see them. Enjoy :)

Who else can say they are protected by expert Aussie care? A brand you can trust to help keep you protected. #ExpertCareForTheSunAware ...

We've got the whole family covered! Let SunSense help protect you and your loved ones from the sun this summer #ExpertCareForTheSunAware

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