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21st May 2019

Is the star rating the best thing to look for in a sunscreen?

In the UK, it is often suggested that the effectiveness of a sunscreen can be judged from its UVA star rating and not necessarily its sun protection factor (SPF), however an SPF50+ sunscreen with 3 stars may actually be more effective than an SPF50 with 5 stars.


17th May 2019

Dispelling the myth of a base tan.

There is a misunderstanding in the UK, with many still believing getting a suntan is healthy.

13th May 2019

What is Broad Spectrum Protection?

Broad spectrum refers to a sunscreen that protects from the full range of UV rays that reach the skin. To fully understand this it’s important to look at the types of UV rays and how they affect us.

7th May 2019

Why are SunSense sunscreens so popular in Australia?

SunSense was developed in 1988 and our products are still made in Australia with Australian conditions in mind.

2nd May 2019

SunSense UK Supports Sun Awareness Week

1st May 2019

Melanoma Statistics

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