How to use SunSense

Applied properly, SunSense high factor sunscreen can help protect your skin from potential damage from UVA and UVB radiation – here are a few tips on how best to use it:


  • Apply SunSense sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going outdoors
  • Apply more than 0.5 teaspoon (around 3ml) of sunscreen to each arm and your face/neck
  • Apply more than 1 teaspoon (around 6ml) of sunscreen to each leg, and the front and back of your body1
  • Apply sunscreen evenly. Use a mirror when applying sunscreen to your face
  • Be careful not to miss any exposed areas
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure. Do not stay too long in the sun, even while using a sunscreen product – no sunscreen will provide a total sunblock or all-day sun protection
  • Cover up with clothing, hats and eyewear to further reduce risk; and carefully protect children and babies from direct sun at ALL times


  • Reapply SunSense high factor sunscreen every 2-4 hours as directed and especially after swimming, exercising, perspiring and towelling dry
  • Remember, there is no such thing as waterproof sun cream or total sun block
  • Use sunscreen generously and reapply frequently


  • Apply SunSense Aftersun Cooling Crème Gel to hydrate skin that feels dry after sun exposure.

You’ll find more hints and tips on how stay Sun Sensible here

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