Beauty and Skincare Tips

The secret to youthful and healthy-looking skin is wearing a high factor facial sunscreen every day. We’ve consulted with top beauty experts to make it easy for everyone to incorporate an SPF into their daily skincare regime. Here we share some of our hints and tips to help you protect your skin and still enjoy wearing your favourite make-up.

Beauty and Skincare tips

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Recent blog posts...

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What people say about SunSense facial sunscreens
The tinted sunscreen has a nice light creamy texture and goes on skin smoothly giving a natural matt finish What people say about SunSense facial sunscreens
It's good. Non-shiny and does what it says on the tin! Your own make-up can be used over the top What people say about SunSense facial sunscreens
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SunSense Daily Face

The subtle tint in Daily Face is just enough to even out the skin tone without the need for a heavy make-up base. It’s so understated that even men can use it. Daily Face has a re-texturising effect on the skin that smoothes as it colour-corrects! Try using it instead of primer and foundation. It’s oil-free and dries to a matte finish so it’s great for anyone who finds other sunscreens too shiny or greasy. Simply smooth a large pea-size amount over face and neck before using a concealer to camouflage dark circles under the eyes or apply to any blemishes.
SunSense ™ Daily Face

SunSense Anti-ageing Matté

SunSense Anti-ageing Mattè formula is perfect for minimising shiny complexions. To create a velvety-matt finish, layer Anti-ageing Mattè formula under an oil-free foundation. These two steps are all you need to achieve a summer-proof make-up base that stands up to perspiration and shine. A must if you’re going to be having photos taken!
SunSense ™ Anti-ageing Face Matté

SunSense Lip Balm

SunSense Lip Balm can be used all year round as a moisturising lip balm and a lipstick primer. The easy applicator tip means that you don’t need to use your fingers to apply it. Simply sweep over lips from side to side, then wait a minute before applying lipstick or gloss. Be sure to use it slightly over the lip line too, to help keep your lip colour from travelling into fine lines. It’s also an ideal lip balm for men because it’s not too shiny or glossy.
SunSense ™ Lip Balm