SunSense Blog : Which? Sunscreen Review 2017 SunSense Blog : Which? Sunscreen Review 2017 SunSense Blog : Which? Sunscreen Review 2017 SunSense Blog : Which? Sunscreen Review 2017

Which? Sunscreen Review 2017

This year’s Which? review of high street sunscreens is out and once again it raises some important questions for people to consider when choosing a sunscreen.


Last year, the watchdog tested ‘once a day’ sunscreens to see whether or not they provided protection all day and unsurprisingly none of them did. The average drop in SPF after 6-8 hours was 74%, meaning a SPF30 sunscreen would decrease to just SPF8.


In Australia, where SunSense is developed and manufactured, it is illegal for sunscreen brands to make ‘once a day’ claims and we believe that the manufacturers that make the claims here in the UK are misleading and unethical. Regardless of SPF, all sunscreens should be reapplied every two-four hours.


It is also important to remember that sweating, swimming, rubbing of clothes, towelling dry and touching skin will remove sunscreen and require reapplication.


The Which? report rightly challenges manufacturers of sunscreen to offer customers the reassurance that the products they are buying are safe to use.


What a lot of people don’t know is that use-by dates on sunscreen are not required in the UK and that a ‘period after opening’ logo is used instead. Which? believes that use-by dates are easier to understand and we couldn’t agree more.


All SunSense products are clearly labelled with a manufacture date and an expiry date that is 3-5 years from the date of manufacture, to give our customers the peace of mind that even if the product has been opened, it will still be effective as long as used before the expiry date.


The report also delved into the SPF claims used on make-up, saying: “For any product to offer the SPF it claims, you need to apply 2mg per cm2 – around a teaspoon of product would need to be applied to your face,”.


Which? adds: “And it needs to be regularly reapplied. In reality people are unlikely to apply the amount of make-up required – in the case of foundation, that would mean a 30ml bottle would only last six applications.”


Our recommendation is to apply over ½ teaspoon of sunscreen to your face and neck. SunSense Daily Face, our SPF50+ facial sunscreen, is available in a 200ml bottle and it is currently on offer for £29.99 in the SunSense Shop!


As an Australian sunscreen, SunSense adheres to strict Australian regulations and offers the highest SPF available in Australia. There are a number of differences between the Australian and European sunscreens and we would like to see tighter regulations in the UK to ensure that sunscreen manufacturers are providing people with the protection they need.