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Real Life Tweets

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If you have experienced skin cancer, or know someone who has, then these real life tweets from sunbed users will be pretty hard to read.


Worryingly, they are not uncommon and there are thousands more just like it. Are they an example of reckless behaviour and a disregard for life, or a sign that more needs to be done to educate people on the very real dangers of tanning?


"HATE those last few mins on sunbed when you feel like you're gonna die but you remember you paid for those mins so ya gotta stay and crisp"


"Nearly felt like writing my will in that sunbed. Was too hot"


"Just seen a lad opt for 25 mins in the sunbed..he likes his steak well done"


"Sunbed has just nearly killed me off I'm frazzled"


"12 mins on sunbed has left me looking like a skinny lobster"


"Only lasted 5 mins in my back sunbed that's been re tubed last night and I've burnt my chest"


"Went on the sunbed tonight for the first time in like 9 months. Now am the colour of a lobster and have skin that feels like am sat in hell"


"When your boyfriend hires a sunbed for you and booked a surprise holiday for your birthday best boyo"


"The fear of what you're about to put yourself through when committing to 12 mins on the sunbed and the person before has also done 12"


"No matter how many sunbed horror stories I see on Facebook, it'll never put me off going for one"


At SunSense, we speak to people everyday who, given a second chance, would put their health before a tan. But sadly, for many, it’s too late.


When you hear such heartbreaking stories, it’s hard not to want to do something to stop more young people, like this young woman, making decisions they will come to regret.


"never using a sunbed again have to get a mole removed from my side"

We’ve recently launched a campaign, Tan Ban UK, to get commercial sunbeds banned in the UK. The long term goal is to get the 100,000 petition signatures required to get the issue discussed in parliament, but we know this won’t happen overnight and for now we would welcome stricter regulations as a starting point.


Sunbeds have been ranked as carcinogenic, alongside cigarettes, and yet there are no restrictions in place around glamorising or advertising tanning like there are for cigarettes.


Show your support and sign our petition today