SunSense Blog : Should the UK ban the beds? SunSense Blog : Should the UK ban the beds? SunSense Blog : Should the UK ban the beds? SunSense Blog : Should the UK ban the beds?

Should the UK ban the beds?

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Love it or loath it, tanned skin has been a hot topic throughout the ages. In fact, our plight for beauty runs so deep, that we’re willing to risk our long-term health for a quick confidence boost.

Believe it or not, the Victorian era identified a porcelain complexion as the ultimate sign of wealth and beauty. Women would even risk their health in a bid to further lighten their skin by using white lead based products, a substance that would eventually cause permanent damage to the skin and their overall health.

What’s interesting is that whilst our perception of beauty has changed, our attitudes towards it haven’t. People still risk their health every day in an ongoing battle to obtain a feature that pop culture portrays as being glamourous.

Much like the Victorian era, we still strive to emulate the most influential socialites amongst us. With pictures of bronzed celebrities gracing the covers of magazines and social media feeds, we’ve subconsciously concluding that tanned skin looks better.

So what’s in store for tanning trends in 2015? The recent ban on solariums in most Australian states addresses the unhealthy addiction that many cultures have adopted over the past decade. With Britain’s colder climate, many Brits are resorting to sunbed tanning in order to maintain a ‘healthy glow’.  However, many healthcare professionals have identified sunbed usage as a contributing factor into the increase in skin cancer rates.

A driving force behind the sunbed ban in Australia was Clare Oliver.  Clare made an emotional video appeal for people to prioritise their health over their desire for a tan, which has been viewed by over 20,000 people.  Clare, only 26, lost her battle against melanoma in 2007. From 1st January 2015, most Australian states banned commercial sunbeds.

The question about whether commercial sunbeds should be banned in the UK has been a topic of heated discussion for years, with many charities and melanoma survivors campaigning for more awareness and control.

So what do you think - with skin cancer gathering more media attention, and fake tans being so easily obtained - could a UK sunbed ban be on the cards?