SunSense Blog : A Mum’s Guide to Applying Children’s Sunscreen SunSense Blog : A Mum’s Guide to Applying Children’s Sunscreen SunSense Blog : A Mum’s Guide to Applying Children’s Sunscreen SunSense Blog : A Mum’s Guide to Applying Children’s Sunscreen

A Mum’s Guide to Applying Children’s Sunscreen

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As a mum to two small children, I’m no stranger to the tears and tantrums that come from interrupting playtime to reapply sunscreen.

We all want what’s best for our children and their safety is paramount, which is why it’s important that we teach them about sun safety from a young age. There are serious risks associated with childhood sunburn and we need to ensure that they are well protected. However, a public outburst is inevitable when you’re attempting to apply sunscreen to an unwilling child!

Over the past couple of years I have devised the below tactics to ensure the application process is quick and painless – and doesn’t turn me into public enemy number one! Plus, somewhere along the way the sun safety message seems to have sunk in.


Always apply at home

  • I have learnt the hard way that you should never apply sunscreen at a place where they’ll want to go off and play. I’ve made the mistake of waiting until we got to the zoo or the park to apply their sunscreen, but the excitement is far too much. Now I always apply at home.

Use distraction tactics

  • My key to success was to use distraction tactics and get them involved in the application process. How? SunSense Kids Roll-On is a fun and easy way to apply as it gets them involved - especially if you let them roll it on, and you rub it in.
  • Singing their favourite song or nursery rhyme with them can help make the application process a much more pleasant experience.
  • SunSense Kids has characters on the packaging and we make up exciting tales and adventures about what they are doing.

Teach them about sun safety

  • Reinforce the sun safety message in a child-friendly way. We don’t want to scare our children with skin cancer warnings, but we do want to help them understand that sunscreen will protect their skin from painful sunburns.
  • Need some help? Check out this two minute animated video of Sunny the Koala talking about the importance of wearing sunscreen, drinking lots of water and covering up.


It was during our recent holiday when I knew that my years of hard work had paid off and that they understood the sun safety message. There were no tears and no tantrums; in fact they now see sunscreen as part of normal day-to-day routine!

There was one moment that I will never forget - One afternoon my son looked at me and said “mummy you are my superhero” to which I replied “thank you darling mummy loves you too”, and he replied “no mummy you are MY Superhero because you stop me getting burnt!”


- Stephanie Young, Marketing Manager for SunSense UK