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The ‘full-English fry up’ is one of life’s simple pleasures, but it seems to have taken on a new meaning with 60% of Brits admitting to frying their skin in the sun.
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A Mum’s Guide to Applying Children’s Sunscreen

As a mum to two small children, I’m no stranger to the tears and tantrums that come from interrupting playtime to reapply sunscreen. We all want what’s best for our children and their safety is paramount, which is why it’s important that we teach them about sun safety from a young age.
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What is the difference between UVA and UVB rays?

It’s a common misconception that sun damage only occurs in hot climates, as many people associate damage with the visible signs of sun exposure, i.e sunburn. However, you may be surprised to learn that the sun’s UVA and UVB rays actually have different, yet equally harmful, affects on the skin. They also have the potential to cause damage in the winter, as well as in the summer.
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Sunscreen’s Role in Healthcare

Sunscreen has made the headlines this week following a report from the Health and Social Care Information Centre on the number of sunscreen prescriptions issued in 2014.
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Reversing Sun-Damaged Skin

Many people associate sun damage with the most obvious sign of holiday skin, sunburn. Whilst this is a contributing factor to skin cancer, it’s not the only characteristic that we need to consider. A golden glow can be just as bad.
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Should the UK ban the beds?

Love it or loath it, tanned skin has been a hot topic throughout the ages. In fact, our plight for beauty runs so deep, that we’re willing to risk our long-term health for a quick confidence boost.
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Stay Sun Safe on the Slopes

As winter fast approaches, many Brits are preparing to escape to faraway ski destinations unaware of the threat that UV rays pose in our favourite winter wonderlands. It’s a common misconception that sunburn and sun damage is confined to the summer season, as UV rays are often associated with the heat. The fact is, bright winter sun is much more powerful than any of us realise - and with the element of surprise on its side, it can be even more dangerous.
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Protect your skin: Figures show a rise in skin cancer

The sunbed industry is booming and it’s no coincidence that malignant melanoma is on the rise. Every week, thousands of Brits are flocking to their local tanning salon, despite being made fully aware of the dangers. Why? The desire for permanently tanned skin...
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Top Tips for Faking a Summer Tan

The sun is out, and so are our pasty pins. The obsession for a ‘healthy’ glow has grown rapidly over the years and unfortunately, baking in the sun has become more acceptable than embracing our fair skin. This risky fashion trend has also seen an increase in skin cancer rates. So with sunbathing out of the picture, there’s just two options left for dealing with our natural skin tones – do what the Aussies do and embrace it, or fake it. It has been suggested that the average Aussie now is fairer than the average Brit. But for those of us who aren’t blessed with the confidence to flaunt our porcelain assets, we bring to you the ultimate cheater’s guide to faking a summer glow.
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Sun Safety for Kids

Nothing says British summertime quite like the frequent bursts of glorious sunshine mixed with torrential downpours - and this year is proving to be no exception! Regardless, UV rays are still shining strongly upon us, which means that delicate skin is at serious risk of sun damage. The majority of which is caused before the age of 18, as children’s skin tends to be more sensitive than that of an adult.
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Glowing skin comes at a healthy cost

What would you do with a spare £15,000? Perhaps go on a luxury holiday or buy a designer wardrobe?

You may be shocked to hear that in a recent survey we discovered that the average woman in the UK spends a staggering £15,000 on skincare in a lifetime! Opting for anti-ageing creams over sunscreens, women are spending thousands of pounds on products that claim to turn back the signs of ageing. In fact, in a lifetime they use over 3,000 pots of the stuff - that’s a lot of cream!

With the help of international beauty expert Sarah Jagger, we’re encouraging prevention over treatment to tackle sun damage and premature ageing. We advise using an SPF on a daily basis to help protect against sunburn, sun damage, premature ageing and in the process save you thousands of pounds.

The SunSense range offers all the sun protection your skin needs with minimal effort required.

Sarah commented: “The subtle tint in Daily Face is just enough to even out the skin tone without the need for a heavy makeup base. It’s so understated (that even men can use it) I like to use daily face instead of a primer and foundation because it’s oil free and dries to a matt finish so it’s great for anyone who finds other sunscreens too shiny or greasy.”

Sarah added: “Sunsense Anti-ageing Matt formula is terrific for minimising shiny complexions. When I want to create a velvety-matt finish I layer Anti-ageing Matt formula under an oil free foundation.”

So, the next time you head to the beauty counter remember that there is no better way to fight wrinkles than by wearing a daily SPF - not to mention all the extra holidays you can go on with the money you save!

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Surfs up as Sun Sensible Schools campaign is launched!

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School and nursery pupils across the country are set to put their creativity to the test and win an Ozzie-style surf sun shelter, as the 2014 Sun Sensible schools campaign is launched.

Providing extra shade in the playground is one of the ways you can help protect children... and with our competition, you can! All your pupils need to do is design a surfboard with a sun theme on our website at

Alternatively, you can download a surfboard template and post your entries to us at Crawford Healthcare Ltd, King Edward Court, King Edward Road, Knutsford, Cheshire, WA16 0BE

So why not encourage them to enter now? Find out more about being sun sensible at

We’ve produced a range of materials to help your school put their own policy in place, to teach your pupils more about the sun and help encourage children to cover up, drink more, stay in the shade and apply sunscreen regularly.

Three schools won the competition last year and were awarded with fantastic prizes including a sandbox and pergola, a wooden playhouse and a Buddy Buses sun shelter.

Following on from last year’s success, which saw over two hundred schools take part to design a t-shirt, Sun Sense UK has raised the bar again tasking participants with designing a surfboard which would be included in  an Ozzie-style surf shack shelter at the winning candidates schools’.


Check out the full 2014 SunSense range here.

We’ve got lots of exciting activities planned for the year ahead, as well as our popular competitions and giveaways, so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter so that you don’t miss out.

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New ingredients for anti-ageing

We’re starting 2014 with the launch of our new SunSense products. We’ve taken our most popular products and revamped the formulations with even more skin improving and anti-ageing ingredients such as Vitamin E and Cocoa Butter to keep your skin looking young and feeling great.
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